At the beginning of April 2023, representatives from project partner organisations immersed themselves in the picturesque city of Targu Jiu, Romania, for a kick-off meeting as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 “Be Smart, Be Tolerant” project. The project has gathered 4 organisations from Romania (ASOCIATIA SMART EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS), Italy (ERASMUS LEARNING ACADEMY), Spain (EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR TRAINING AND SKILLS) and Cyprus (DOREA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE) with the goal of developing a comprehensive training kit empowering young people and youth workers to combat the challenges posed by the widespread phenomenon of fake news.

kick off meeting in Targu Jiu

Highlights of the meeting

Building Connections: During this intensive meeting, we seized the opportunity to deepen our understanding of each other, fostering stronger partnerships. Together, we meticulously devised a work plan, ensuring a structured approach to our shared objectives, and set deadlines to propel our project forward.

Cultural Immersion: Beyond the meeting room, we embraced the chance to explore the rich cultural history of Targu Jiu. Did you know that this city hosts sculptures created by the renowned Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși? A luminary of the 20th century, Brâncuși is celebrated for his influence on modernism and sculptural innovation.

A Glimpse of Targu Jiu: As we delved into the cityscape, we discovered Brâncuși’s sculptures, each a testament to his artistic brilliance. This cultural immersion provided a unique backdrop for our collaborative efforts, enhancing our appreciation for the diverse perspectives that shape our shared project.

The Essence of Collaboration: Our time in Targu Jiu not only strengthened our professional bonds but also allowed us to appreciate the broader context of our collaborative undertaking. The melding of work and cultural exploration exemplifies the spirit of Erasmus+ projects, where collaboration extends beyond the confines of the meeting room.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this inspiring journey, united by a shared commitment to combating misinformation and fostering a culture of tolerance and awareness!