In the vibrant days of July 2023, a dynamic group of youth workers from Romania, Spain, Italy, and Cyprus gathered in Limassol for an enriching training session as part of the “BEST” project. Designed by three project partners—DOREA Educational Institute, Associata SMART Educational Project, and the European Network for Training and Skills—this five-day event proved to be a beacon of knowledge and collaboration.

Highlights of the week

Diving into the World of Fake News: Led by the teams at DOREA and Associata SMART Educational Project, the initial chapters of the BEST toolkit took centre stage. Participants delved into the complexity of fake news, unravelling the mysteries behind their creation, the orchestrators behind the scenes, and the profound impact on our lives. From identifying misinformation to fostering critical thinking and civic spirit, the training covered a spectrum of essential topics.

A Creative Finale: On the last day, the European Network for Training and Skills led a workshop where participants brainstormed ideas for impactful educational videos – a testament to their newfound knowledge and collaborative spirit.

A Knowledge Odyssey: Throughout the training, participants immersed themselves in a diverse range of subjects, including the different types of media, the historical context of fake news and propaganda, propaganda techniques, disinformation in the age of big data and social networks, the realm of deepfakes, and the use of statistics in the fake news context.

Nurturing Critical Minds: Beyond the knowledge gained, participants developed their ability to comprehend the shaping influence of fake news and propaganda on our daily lives. They deepened their understanding of historical distortion and alternative narratives, recognizing critical thinking as the ultimate tool in the fight against misinformation.

Exploring Limassol’s Charms: Amidst the rich learning experience, participants also had the opportunity to explore the enchanting city of Limassol. From strolling through the charming streets of the old town to sipping coffee in the picturesque marina and catching the sun at the beautiful beaches, each moment became a part of their holistic experience.

As we journey together in the pursuit of truth and awareness, stay tuned for more updates from this inspiring venture dedicated to combating misinformation and fostering a culture of tolerance!